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Sme slovensko-holandský softvér house. V našom blogu pravidelne zdieľame to čo nás baví, čím ako firma žijeme, naše know-how, zápisky z konferencií či rôzne HR témy. Prajeme príjemné čítanie.

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Michal Braško, Senior Java Developer ; Jozef Burgel, Java Developer

26. júl 2017

Devoxx Poland (June 23, 2017, Krakow)

Devoxx Poland is an annual Java conference held in Krakow Congress Centre with over 2000 attendees. We will give you a small insight into what we've learned there and what we've found interesting.

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Stanislav Lauko, Software Quality Engineer

13. júl 2017

Tester's Adventure

In this blog, I would like to offer all junior testers a closer look at different projects, mainly those, which miss documentation. Follow me on this testing adventure and you may learn a thing or two. Dig in.

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Jakub Remenec, Java Developer

26. jún 2017

Angular and Spring security integration (PART 1)

In my previous blog, I focused on showing the benefits and basics of Angular 2 in combination with a PrimeNG UI component library. However, majority of applications are not formed only by the front-end part (Angular 2 in this case), but also have their complex business logic, data storage and more. In my case, I decided to show the back-end using Spring framework; specifically, SpringBoot as a convention over the configuration support.

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Jozef Čajkovič, Cloud Architect

12. jún 2017

Tutorial: AWS KMS S3 replication

Have you ever wondered how to replicate a S3 object encrypted with KMS from one S3 bucket to a different one in a different account and region without losing encryption at REST? Since this feature is not yet supported by Amazon AWS, I proposed a solution how to accomplish this task.

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Lýdia Hanusková, Software Architect; Michal Hitka, Software Architect; Attila Mészáros, Senior Java Developer

23. máj 2017

Craft (April 25-28, 2017, Budapest)

Craft is organized by IBM Budapest Lab, Prezi and Ericsson. This year the conference was in a beautiful Hungarian Railway Museum in Budapest. It was the fourth year the conference was organized and we attended it for the third time. It's well known for good organization and great speakers. And this year wasn't any different.

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Eduard Fritscher, Java Developer; Jakub Gondár, Java Developer; Martin Mitro, Java Developer

16. máj 2017

CodeCon (April 4, 2017, Bratislava) 

For the third year, the CodeCon conference was held in Bratislava. Its motto is "from developers for developers". So, our three colleagues decided to give it a try and see what's in for them.

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Anna Longauerová, Document Writer

5. máj 2017

Guide to writing (good) documentation

It caught my ear that not everyone knows what it requires to write good documentation. Well, let me tell you. There are many principles on how to create sentences, paragraphs, or lists, how to write instructions or create screen captures. However, I do not want to talk about such details. In this article, I want to describe the main process. Here is a glimpse on a document writer’s job.

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Samuel Hopko, Cloud Specialist

24. apr 2017

Davinci vs. Python (PyCon Conference, March 10, 2017, Bratislava)

In March, Bratislava held (for the second time already) a nice conference dedicated to Python programming language - PyCon (link). You may ask yourself why would a member of the Cloud team go to a developers' conference? Well, I would answer that Python is not just a programming language, it’s more like a Swiss knife. Let me explain to you why I think so, and after you read my blog, you can decide whether I’m right or wrong. 

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Samuel Hopko, Cloud Specialist; Matej Líner, Cloud Specialist; Martin Pivarník, Cloud specialist

11. apr 2017

Architecting on AWS Course, 21 – 23. March, Prague

Our Cloud Specialists Matej, Samo and Martin went to an Amazon Web Service training to emphasize on cloud knowledge and practices they use on a daily basis. Below is a short summary on how they enjoyed the course...

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Peter Steiner, Operations Manager

16. mar 2017

Novinky z Davinci software 03/2017

Ďalšiu dávku noviniek z kychyne Davinci o tom, čo sa udialo za posledné mesiace a aké sú naše plány na tie najbližšie, nám priblíži náš Operations Manager, Peťo Steiner.

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Peter Kobes, CTO / Software Architect

9. mar 2017

Part 3: Tooling in Scrum – tame the evil!

Software tools can be helpful in supporting the scrum agile software development process, but at the same time they can be overwhelming to use and maintain and cause overheads for the whole team. Read the story about how we cope with them and what we've learned (not) to do.

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Gabriel Szöke, IT Operations Manager

14. feb 2017

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of the Cloud?

If you google “afraid of the cloud”, you will get more than 5M of results. This article will not add +1 to those 5M. We love the cloud. Find out about the reasons why it's beneficial to move your business to the cloud and what needs to be taken care of in order to do it properly.

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Daniel Grigar, Online Marketing Specialist

27. dec 2016

Moja cesta ku cloudom

Bol by som rád, aby sa v rámci Slovenska zdieľali informácie o skúsenostiach s cloudovými technológiami. Ja sám by som sa chcel učiť, keďže sa nepovažujem za toho najmúdrejšieho. Ak som, tak je to smutné (smiech).

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Michal Braško, Senior Java Developer

9. dec 2016

Jax London 2016 (Volume 2)

In the middle of October, me and my colleague Jarka attended JAX London 2016.This blog is the Volume 2 - an overview of workshops I attended. I had more than 20 sheets of paper scribbled over with notes, so I hope this comprehensive summary will help you understand what I found out there.

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Jarmila Jančigová, Java Developer

30. nov 2016

Rather confused conference attendee (JAX LONDON 2016 - Volume 1)

This fall me and my colleague attended JAX London. It is a JAVA based conference for all types of software craftsmen - developers, architects, and dev-ops. The central topic of the 10th year anniversary was innovation! The conference was about various aspects of development - from creating user stories and managing security to containerisation of applications.

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Romana Ďaďanová, Marketing & Sales Manager

16. nov 2016

Davinci Automated Document Processing

Our ultimate goal at Davinci is to optimize client business processes via automation. Processing of mortgage loan supporting documents was more or less the last process which was still done manually, and very labor-intensively.

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Denis Trebula, Application Specialist

27. okt 2016

Škola vs. Práca

Tento blog by som venoval najmä študentom. Poskytuje môj pohľad na štúdium a prax v IT. Premýšľal niekto z vás, prečo je dôležité popri štúdiu aj pracovať?

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Romana Ďaďanová, Marketing & Sales Manager; Michal Šimún, Software Architect

12. sep 2016

Ermine testing platform

Agile testing practices involve all members of a cross-functional team. Programmers, testers, product managers, they all participate on application testing at Davinci. We put testing to another level and made it more effective. We developed Ermine. Read the interview with our Software Architect Michal Šimún.

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Jozef Burgel, Java Developer

13. júl 2016

Mutation Testing 

We always try to find new ways how to make our code better. Now we learned about a technique for improvement of test quality. It's called Mutation testing. Below you can read what it is and see some examples of how to use it. Enjoy.

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Marián Koleják, Application Specialist & Tester; Stanislav Lauko, Software Quality Engineer

27. jún 2016

CzechTest 2016 

18. až 20. mája bola v Prahe CzechTest konferencia. Vyslali sme na ňu tím našich 4 testerov. Okrem trendov v testovaní softvéru na nej rezonovali témy agilného vývoja a nasadzovania na cloud. Prednášajúci boli hlavne z Anglicka a Čiech, pomenej ich bolo z Nemecka, Poľska či Slovenska.

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Martin Mitro, Java Developer

17. jún 2016

Spring I/O 2016

Spring I/O 2016 took place in Barcelona this year and we got a chance to fly there. Below you can read how it all went, what is worth mentioning and what we took back to work with us.

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Jozef Burgel, Java Developer

8. mar 2016

Improving your job performance

Getting a promotion or bigger yearly bonus. These are things most of us would be happy to experience and hear. However, they do not come automatically. Earning them requires you to act as a professional. In Davinci, we always want to improve and find various ways to be better. This does not only include code quality but also our soft skills.

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Erika Ottová, Office Assistant

2. mar 2016

Minuté zásoby z našej špajze za rok 2015

O našich kolegov sa snažíme starať čo najlepšie. Okrem najmodernejšej techniky, či pohodlného sedenia, sa staráme, aby im popri práci nechýbali vitamíny, či niečo malé na zahryznutie. V nasledujúcej infografike sa dozviete, koľko nám toho v uplynulom roku ubudlo z našej firemnej špajze.

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Matúš Sivák, Java Developer

16. feb 2016

My experience with game development

In my free time I tried to make a simple game in java framework Slick2D, which is an easy to use set of tools and utilities wrapped around Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL) OpenGL bindings to make 2D Java game development easier. There are not many tutorials for developing games in Slick2D, but the source code is well documented and there are lots of runnable test cases in this library.

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Daniel Grigar, Online Marketing Specialist

8. feb 2016

Be Creative and Fearless! Interview with Neelie Kroes

Neelie Kroes has worked for the European Commission, as one of the 27 Commissioners she seeks to maintain a peaceful and prosperous Europe. From 2004 to 2009, she was Competition Commissioner responsible for ensuring a level playing field for business in Europe, fair prices and consumer choice. In 2010, she became Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda for Europe.

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Jakub Remenec, Java Developer

11. jan 2016

Arquillian - new testing platform

In this article, I would like to present you a pretty new testing platform called Arquillian. It works with Java EE, Spring and plenty of other technologies. I'm going to explain how it works and show you some of its features.

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Daniel Grigar, Online Marketing Specialist

23. dec 2015

Novinky z Davinci software 12/2015

O tom, čo sa udialo za posledné obdobie, a aké sú plány na najbližšie mesiace, sme sa porozprávali s Peťom Steinerom, Operations Managerom Davinci software.

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Marián Koleják, Application Specialist & Tester

26. nov 2015

How to code rules in Drools

I work for Davinci on the Skydoo project where the business rules are implemented in Groovy, which is an object oriented, dynamic and scripting Java platform language. I got a task to write rules in DSL (Domain specific language) MVEL for a new project. I went through many pages about the MVEL language and most of them were about the rules platform named Drools, so I dived in.

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Daniel Grigar, Online Marketing Specialist

29. sep 2015

JUGZA (Java User Group Zilina)

"V originálnych stanovách sa píše, že ide o stretnutie, na ktorom sa diskutuje o technológiách, zdieľajú sa skúsenosti a má sa piť pivo, jesť pizza a zabávať sa!", hovorí v rozhovore Laďo Božek, iniciátor žilinskej JUGZY.

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Peter Kobes, CTO / Software Architect

16. sep 2015

PART 2: Scrum at Davinci

In my first blog, I explained how we got to agile and how it changed our thinking. Now, I will tell you how we do agile development.

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Jarmila Jančigová, Java Developer

10. aug 2015

Easy way to add Drag&Drop to your GWT based applications

I am programming a mid-office application with the GWT 2.5.0 front end. I wanted to improve the UX and came to the conclusion that drag & drop is the best way how to match two different data lists together (with different size, attributes, limitations, specifics and behavior). But GWT 2.5.0. does not support the drag & drop function.

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Daniel Grigar, Online Marketing Specialist

7. júl 2015

Novinky z Davinci software

Rozhovor s Peťom Steinerom, Operations managerom Davinci software, o tom, čo sa udialo za posledný polrok a čo našu firmu čaká v tom nasledujúcom.

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Romana Ďaďanová, Marketing & Sales Manager

16. jún 2015

Onlia - Inovácia vo svete poistenia (Rozhovor s tímom)

Ponúkame vám rozhovor s ľuďmi, ktorí priniesli na trh nové poistenie auta. Dôvod prečo píšeme o poistení je jednoduchý – od začiatku projektu sme boli technickým garantom pre Onlia a hľadali s klientom riešenia ako inovovať poisťovací trh na Slovensku.

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Michal Hitka, Software Architect; Jarmila Jančigová, Java Developer; Attila Mészáros, Senior Java Developer

20. máj 2015

Craft 2015

Boli sme sa pozrieť na druhom ročníku Craft konferencie v nedaľekej Budapešti. Prinášame vám z neho krátku ochutnávku.

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Peter Kobes, CTO / Software Architect

31. mar 2015

PART 1: Agile transformation at Davinci

There are lots of books written by smart guys about agile. In this article, I will use my experience from the agile transformation at Davinci. I will explain what we learned to avoid and what helped us to succeed. I will describe how we do scrum, what tooling we use, and how we changed from ''doing agile'' to ''being agile''.

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Romana Ďaďanová, Marketing & Sales Manager; Daniel Grigar, Online Marketing Specialist

26. jan 2015

Davinci success story v2

Pred 5-timi rokmi som si povedal, že keď uvidím ľudí v Bratislavskom office tancovať na stole, moja práca na Slovensku bude splnená (úsmev). A ľudia na tých stoloch ešte stále netancujú (smiech).

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Martin Mitro, Java Developer

10. dec 2014

OSB & Oracle BAM: Simple integration

Integration of BAM with other Oracle Fusion Middleware products can be sometimes a little bit tricky. In this article I will show you a simple way of providing data to BAM via OSB.

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Lucia Harušťáková, HR Generalist

1. dec 2014

5 odporúčaní, o ktorých by mal vedieť HR manažér v IT firme

Najskôr zopár viet o mne. Volám sa Lucia Harušťáková a nikdy som nemyslela, že budem pracovať v IT firme. Zhodou okolností však pôsobím už deviaty mesiac v Davinci na pozícii HR Generalist. 9 mesiacov je relatívne dosť dlhý čas na to, aby si človek urobil názor a začal porovnávať.

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Daniel Grigar, Online Marketing Specialist

11. nov 2014

Davinci success story

"Moja základná myšlienka pri zakladaní firmy bola, aby som dal príležitosť ľuďom, ktorí sú lepší ako ja a zároveň im dal slobodu, aby mohli robiť to, čo chcú".