Architecting on AWS Course, 21 – 23. March, Prague

Our Cloud Specialists Matej, Samo and Martin went to an Amazon Web Service training to emphasize on cloud knowledge and practices they use on a daily basis. Below is a short summary on how they enjoyed the course...


Architecting on AWS Course, 21 – 23. March, Prague

Our job as Cloud Specialists is to help customers with ''moving'' their activities into the cloud and also maintaining the cloud environments. This covers mainly the technical part of it which means a lot of scripting, creating DTAP environments (development, testing, acceptance and production) and more. We are often closely in contact with our Architects who create a specific migration plan for every customer and his application. All of these activities require an understanding of various technologies and also a deep knowledge of the underlying technology that should be used - in our case it's AWS (Amazon Web Services) - the biggest cloud service provider and therefore also our choice. 

To be the an APN Partner (Amazon Partner Network), it does not bring only conditions to have officially certified cloud members, but we also get an access to a portal with useful tools and content which helps as to grow in our business on AWS. Through the APN Portal, partners can request marketing and business support, download partner-focused content, and connect with other AWS partners around the world. It is also common that APN partners are provided with free AWS technical and non-technical trainings for their employees. Last week me and my two colleagues participated on one of such trainings - Architecting on AWS in Prague



As the name of the course may indicate, it was designed mainly for people who need to have knowledge about  designing a robust, durable and secure cloud environments. The course itself took place in Prague and it was spanned for the three days. The total number of participants was 20 and all of these people already had some knowledge about the cloud in general as well as about AWS. The speaker/teacher was from the Czech Republic (as well all participants except for us - Davinciers from Slovakia :-) thus we were able to communicate more faster and easier in a common tongue. As a former member of the AWS support, the presenter, Zdeněk Bulan, has an excellent knowledge and experience of AWS and the underlying system, so he could share some useful tips a tricks with us. 

The first day of course was focused on forklifting an existing on-premises data center and we started discussing architecting and infrastructure in the cloud. We went through all core AWS services like EC2, EBS, S3 and many others. The second day covered a topic on how we can optimize our architecture using AWS services. Day three focused on taking things to the next step and improving our solutions to fully take an advantage of AWS services from both performance and cost point of view. Very important part of the course was the hands-on labs on the real system - AWS Console which gave us a possibility to practice working with the AWS technologies. 

As we already had the AWS SysOps Administrator training and certification, with this course we wanted to extend our knowledge. We found out that our knowledge of the system gained on the previous course is sufficient even for architecting on AWS, because we learned only very few new things and it also shown as that we are already taking into consideration almost all the best practices mentioned in the course, while working on our cloud environments. It is important to mention that 2 years of experience working with the cloud also gave us some knowledge about the architecting principles.  


The course in general was very good and it is useful mainly for people that wanted to build their business on AWS. So, if you are thinking if its wort it; we say yes in case you are starting with the cloud. If you are already working with it in a daily manner, you may learn if you're doing it right!  


Publikované: 11. apr 2017 16:10
  • Samuel Hopko

    Cloud Specialist

    Samo pracuje v Davinci na pozícii Cloud Specialist. Na starosti má zabezpečovanie infraštruktúry pre hladký beh nami vyvíjaného softvéru v Cloud prostredí. O túto technológiu sa zaujímal už počas vysokoškolského štúdia, teoreticky aj prakticky. Vo voľnom čase si rád zahrá Bacha na gitare. 

  • Matej Líner

    Cloud Specialist

    Matej pracuje v našej žilinskej pobočke ako Cloud specialist. Popri zamestnaní sa rád venuje práci s drevom, okolo domu, záhradničeniu a "firesportu". Ako dobrovoľný hasič uhasí (takmer) každý požiar.

  • Martin Pivarník

    Cloud specialist

    Martin pracuje v Davinci ako Cloud specialist. Predtým popri štúdiu naberal skúsenosti ako systémový administrátor a VoIP špecialista. Vo voľnom čase rád behá, bicykluje, cestuje ale nepohrdne ani čítaním o psychológii, či slovenskej politike alebo podsvetí.

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