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What it was about?

We were looking forward to this conference. The topics looked interesting, the entry was free and they served coffee and brunch (with only one rule: first come, first served). The speaking language of the CodeCon conference was Slovak and it was primarily focused on the Slovak developers. It contained a wide range of topics - from Javascript, through Microsoft technologies to IoT and, which is an anti-corruption association in the Slovak IT sector.

There were parallel speeches in two rooms. The speeches were short (about 30 - 40 minutes). Unfortunatelly, some of the speakers were stopped in the middle of a presentation (in case their time was up). Because of this, we didn’t dive deeply into the topics.

Interesting speeches

Peter Širka (the conference organizer) had a very interesting speech about JavaScript performance. He created a small testing framework and showed the audience some JavaScript micro optimizations.

Well, did you know that = undefined; is ~50% faster than delete


Another topic which caught our attention was the Internet of Things. Jozef Prídavok from Casperise was talking about various IoT technologies like LoRA and Z-Wave. IoT will grow in the near future in many segments, such as smart-home, smart-city, cars, and so on. However, a big challenge is to secure the IoT devices. At the end, the speaker introduced a new product – Smart mirror, which can display information about the weather, time, etc. Pretty cool stuff :).

(this is only an illustrative photo)

However, the most interesting topic for us was Angular 4 because we actively use Angular on our projects. Lukáš Fryc from Exponea told us some facts about Angular version numbering and why they "skipped" Angular v3. Unfortunately, the speech exceeded the planned time and was stopped by the organizer :(.

(Angular 4 Speech was popular)


We want to highlight two non-technical presentations which were really great. The first one was by David Grudl (Nette foundation) where he talked about his experience with managing an open source project. David explained the importance of having financial aspect of a new open source project in mind. Otherwise, your project will be either short-lived or it will always have problems getting money for its existence.

The other interesting non-technical presentation was Jano Suchal's speech about problems of the Slovak e-government projects. He also showed us how developers can help to provide the governments' data to citizens in an easily accessible form. There is a github project with some issues which you can help with:

Also, it was fun to watch Jano Suchal criticizing and other government projects at the conference which main partner was Datalan - one of the biggest suppliers of the government IT.


The end

In general, CodeCon was a good conference. We just wish the presenters would've included more details and skipped the basics that we can learn from hello world tutorials. Although the presentations missed the depth, we are looking forward to attend CodeCon 2018.


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