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Matúš Sivák, Java Developer

8. nov 2017

Game Dev Design & Patterns for a Board Game

As a fan of the board games, I started to adapt the Eldritch Horror to make it available for PC and Android. In my blog, I will shortly describe the architecture, design patterns and of course, the obstacles I run into while developing this game. It was implemented in Java using LibGDX framework. It is far from being finished as it contains a lot of components. But the core of the game is done. So, let me share with you what you should (not) do when you decided on going on the same journey...

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Samuel Hopko, Cloud Specialist

25. okt 2017

Internet of Things ( the Cloud, too)

In this blog, I would like to introduce to you one of my latest hobbies – Internet of Things (IoT). We will go through a short intro and then jump directly into creating some cool "things" connected to the internet. This tutorial will help you create two simple (yet very useful) creations that could make your life easier. And of course, as I’m a Cloud Specialist, we will try to "touch" the Cloud in the second guide :). Dig in.

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Jakub Remenec, Java Developer

14. sep 2017

PrimeNG lazy features with Spring (Part 2)

In the previous blog, I showed you how to connect Angular application with Spring back end, also with Spring Security and JWT. In this blog, I would like to show how to use Angular’s PrimeNG UI component library with Spring back end. Concretely, I will focus on the datatable lazy load filtering and pagination features.

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Csaba Szalai, Software Quality Engineer

29. sep 2017

Why exploratory testing does not have to be a dirty phrase

In managerial circles, the activity covered by the term 'exploratory testing' has gathered something of a bad reputation. From the perspective of the uninitiated, it might seem as just random clicking and typing until something goes wrong and we can create a bug report. However, this is not the case at all.

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Stanislav Lauko, Software Quality Engineer

13. júl 2017

Tester's Adventure

In this blog, I would like to offer all junior testers a closer look at different projects, mainly those, which miss documentation. Follow me on this testing adventure and you may learn a thing or two. Dig in.

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Jakub Remenec, Java Developer

26. jún 2017

Angular and Spring security integration (PART 1)

In my previous blog, I focused on showing the benefits and basics of Angular 2 in combination with a PrimeNG UI component library. However, majority of applications are not formed only by the front-end part (Angular 2 in this case), but also have their complex business logic, data storage and more. In my case, I decided to show the back-end using Spring framework; specifically, SpringBoot as a convention over the configuration support.

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Jozef Čajkovič, Cloud Architect

12. jún 2017

Tutorial: AWS KMS S3 replication

Have you ever wondered how to replicate a S3 object encrypted with KMS from one S3 bucket to a different one in a different account and region without losing encryption at REST? Since this feature is not yet supported by Amazon AWS, I proposed a solution how to accomplish this task.

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Gabriel Szöke, IT Operations Manager

14. feb 2017

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of the Cloud?

If you google “afraid of the cloud”, you will get more than 5M of results. This article will not add +1 to those 5M. We love the cloud. Find out about the reasons why it's beneficial to move your business to the cloud and what needs to be taken care of in order to do it properly.

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Michal Šimún, Software Architect

12. sep 2016

Ermine testing platform

Agile testing practices involve all members of a cross-functional team. Programmers, testers, product managers, they all participate on application testing at Davinci. We put testing to another level and made it more effective. We developed Ermine. Read the interview with our Software Architect Michal Šimún.

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Jozef Burgel, Java Developer

13. júl 2016

Mutation Testing 

We always try to find new ways how to make our code better. Now we learned about a technique for improvement of test quality. It's called Mutation testing. Below you can read what it is and see some examples of how to use it. Enjoy.

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Matúš Sivák, Java Developer

16. feb 2016

My experience with game development

In my free time I tried to make a simple game in java framework Slick2D, which is an easy to use set of tools and utilities wrapped around Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL) OpenGL bindings to make 2D Java game development easier. There are not many tutorials for developing games in Slick2D, but the source code is well documented and there are lots of runnable test cases in this library.

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Jakub Remenec, Java Developer

11. jan 2016

Arquillian - new testing platform

In this article, I would like to present you a pretty new testing platform called Arquillian. It works with Java EE, Spring and plenty of other technologies. I'm going to explain how it works and show you some of its features.

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Marián Koleják, Application Specialist & Tester

26. nov 2015

How to code rules in Drools

I work for Davinci on the Skydoo project where the business rules are implemented in Groovy, which is an object oriented, dynamic and scripting Java platform language. I got a task to write rules in DSL (Domain specific language) MVEL for a new project. I went through many pages about the MVEL language and most of them were about the rules platform named Drools, so I dived in.

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Jarmila Jančigová, Java Developer

10. aug 2015

Easy way to add Drag&Drop to your GWT based applications

I am programming a mid-office application with the GWT 2.5.0 front end. I wanted to improve the UX and came to the conclusion that drag & drop is the best way how to match two different data lists together (with different size, attributes, limitations, specifics and behavior). But GWT 2.5.0. does not support the drag & drop function.

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Martin Mitro, Java Developer

10. dec 2014

OSB & Oracle BAM: Simple integration

Integration of BAM with other Oracle Fusion Middleware products can be sometimes a little bit tricky. In this article I will show you a simple way of providing data to BAM via OSB.